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About Us

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Moore West Federal Credit Union was formed in 1935 for the employees of Pacific Manifold Book Company. The name chosen at that time was Pamaboca Credit Union. In 1937 Moore Business Forms bought out Pacific Manifold Book Company and in turn the credit union changed its name to Moore Business Forms Credit Union. The field of membership then became all employees of the Pacific division of Moore Business Forms and Rediforms office products. At that time we were a state-chartered credit union and our office was located in Emeryville California.

In 1982 we changed to a federally-chartered credit union; this change was brought about mainly due to the tax benefits, maximum loan amounts and share insurance benefits. At this time we also changed our name to Moore West Federal Credit Union, because there was another credit union with the name of Moore Business Forms who was servicing another division of Moore Business Forms.

1983 saw Moore West Federal Credit Union merge in Food Service Marketing Association of Northern California; this merge added two fairly large employer groups... Granny Goose Chips and California Pretzel. 1984 brought two more mergers; the first was East Oakland Credit Union and few months later North Oakland Credit Union. These mergers expanded our membership to include the community of Oakland within a specified demographic area. 1987 brought us the addition of the members and employees of said members of the Newark Chamber of Commerce in Newark, California. Over the years we have added new Select Employer Groups (SEGs) to expand our field of membership and offer the benefits of a credit union to smaller businesses.

What our members have to say:

"I have been a member of MWFCU for the last 8 years; during that time I have been able to rely on the staff at the Credit Union to work with me and my family with all of our financial needs. I have had a mortgage loan, many auto loans, many personal loans and a credit card with MWFCU and have always found their rates to be competitive and found the application process to be simple and without hassle.

"Whether it is real estate related issues, job loss, student expenses or retirement investment planning I know when I need them Laura, Nyla, Durene and Henry will be there for me...no matter what. During these tough economic times it really helps to have a team of people working with my family to help us get through whatever life may bring our way.

"I consider everyone at the Credit Union to be part of my family.

"Member for life."



"I have been a member of Moore West Federal Credit Union since 1985.  Since then they have been a key component in all my financial plans.  Since I joined they have continually provided service above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for.  Over the years they have provided financing for five cars, three motorcycles, a jet-ski and not one but two yachts!  In addition to this I have a credit card, checking, savings and personal line of credit accounts with them.

"To be known on sight by name at the bank is a rarity, let alone to get a courtesy call letting me know about an oversight on my part before it became a big problem.  What can I say....now that's SERVICE!

"I am so pleased with MWFCU, I can't imagine ever leaving! My only regret is that by law, they cannot do my business banking."



"I have been a member of Moore West Federal Credit Union for over 20 years.  What I enjoy about the Credit Union is the great and personal service I always receive.  I would recommend them to anyone who is tired of those big impersonal banks."



"When I needed a car loan Moore West Federal Credit Union was easy to work with and they quickly gave me a terrific interest rate.  I recommend them highly for any of your banking needs."



"I was traveling on a Friday of Thanksgiving weekend and had lost my debit card while stopping to re-fuel.  I prompty called Moore West Federal Credit Union and spoke with Nyla.  She had a new card issued and placed a hold on the one that I lost.  I had peace of mind and a new card immediately.  All in a matter of minutes and on the road to Grandma's.  Not to mention the rest of the times I have called and all issues resolved rapidly by a friendly and knowledgeable voice."



"I have been a member of the Credit Union for 30-plus years.  Any financial need I have had the Credit Union was there with the best rates and service.  I was always impressed that the members own the Credit Union.  Many years ago I needed to borrow some money to put in a new circuit breaker system.  My old system was a fuse box.  The light would go out and I would go outside, close to the swimming pool, to bang on the fuse box to make the lights work.  Sometimes my neighbor would hold on to me as I banged on the box so if I got shocked I would not fall into the pool.  I was young with 3 small children.

"I called the Credit Union and told them how much money I needed.  I had the money in two days as they were concerned.

"If you are interested in joining our Credit Union, this would be the best financial investment you could make."

"I have been a member of the Credit Union for 10 years now and have always been impressed with the professional response I get to all my financial needs. I enjoy knowing that I will be talking to the same group of people when I need to speak to someone about my account. Not like a big bank where you would be lucky to speak to a 'live person.' Everyone at the Credit Union treats me like a friend. It is very welcoming. I have recommended Moore West Federal Credit Union to my family members and they have also been impressed.

"I have done many loans with the Credit Union, auto, personal and a mortgage and it is always a very easy process...and quick! I will continue to do all my lending with Moore West Federal Credit Union."

"I joined the Credit Union in 1979, since that time Moore West has been meeting my financial needs with friendly service. Management and staff are very knowledgeable...every question that I have is answered concerning my account and any new services offered by the credit union. The personal service means so much not like big box banks, MWFCU really cares.

"I've been a member of the Credit Union for over 40 years. It is my only financial institution--the service has always been great."

Please send your comments to: laura@mwfcu.com



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